Zoë Hammatt
Z Consulting, LLC , USA

Ms. Hammatt is a licensed attorney with a master’s degree in Law and Ethics in Medicine. As President of Z Consulting, LLC, established in 2010, she provides research integrity consultation and writing services for universities, governmental and not-for-profit organizations, and corporate clients. She previously served as Director of the Division of Education and Integrity at the U.S. Office of Research Integrity, Legal and Regulatory Specialist for a translational research network funded by the National Institutes of Health, and Director of the Research Integrity Program and Research Integrity Officer at the University of Hawaii. Ms. Hammatt has handled numerous cases of misconduct and questionable research practices and contributed to policy development and teaching in medical ethics and responsible conduct of research. She is a founding member of the African and Asia Pacific Research Integrity networks and has been involved with the World Conference on Research Integrity since 2014.