Daniel Fu-Chang Tsai
National Taiwan University

Dr. Daniel Fu-Chang Tsai a professor in the Department & Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Bioethics, National Taiwan University College of Medicine, and jointly appointed in the Department of Family Medicine at the National Taiwan University College of Medicine. He is also an attending physician in the Department of Medical Research at National Taiwan University Hospital. Dr. Tsai is the Director of the Center for Biomedical Ethics at National Taiwan University. He is currently in charge of the “Program for Research Ethics Education” commissioned by the Ministry of Education and the Coordinator of “Medical Education Discipline” under the Ministry of Science and Technology. He is the Chairman of the Research Ethics Committee and the Executive Secretary of the Clinical Ethics Committee at National Taiwan University Hospital. He has publications in Journal of Medical Ethics, Hastings Center Report, American Journal of Bioethics etc. and has published 10 books on the subject of bioethics, informed consent, and clinical ethics committee, case-analysis in medical ethics, research ethics, family medicine, and another 100 papers published in Chinese language journals, and 20 papers collected in 20 books. He is on the editorial board of Journal of Medical Ethics, Asian Bioethics Review, and many medical/bioethics journals. He was awarded Honorary Membership by the UNESCO Chair of Bioethics in 2015 and elected Vice President of International Association of Bioethics in 2016. His research interests include: cross-cultural bioethics, genetic ethics, transplantation ethics, clinical ethics and ethics consultation, research ethics and research integrity, and medical ethics education.